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 Need a computer that is customized to your specific industry or application? We can help you get the most out your budget. Don't just by a box and expect it to fit. Customize it to fit your needs and maximize performance for the price. With our custom built systems you also get a one year parts and labor warranty that is LOCAL do risk sending your valuable data off to big box never, never land, never to be seen again. Keep it local with people you can trust.

If you just need a basic business or internet system, we also stock a variety of preconfigured desktop and notebook systems from Lenovo, Samsung and others. We also have a variety of used and refurbished options in many cases.

WE stock a variety of the best name brand components including, Lenovo, AMD, Intel, Seagate, Crucial, Asus, MSI, Samsung, Toshiba and many others. If we wouldn't buy it we don't sell it.

Wired and Wireless network components, RAM- DDR, DDR2, DDR3, Computer Cases and Hard Drive enclosures,LCD & LED Monitors, Keyboards & Mice,Video Cards, Power Supplies and AC Adapters, Power Protection UPS, BATTERY BACKUPS AND SURGE PROTECTORS

We also stock a wide variety of network, video and other cables at the best local prices.

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